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Get a Second Opinion

Credit: Robert A. Lisak

When confronted with a new diagnosis or treatment, a second opinion from a specialty physician can offer you peace of mind and self-assurance knowing that you are making well-informed decisions about your healthcare.

Yale Medicine offers a second opinion program using PinnacleCare, a confidential healthcare advisor service that can coordinate a second opinion appointment using your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Through PinnacleCare VirtualConnect, you can receive a second opinion from a Yale Medicine specialty physician right in the comfort of your home.

You may feel that you need a second opinion from a physician specialist when you receive a:

  • New or unclear diagnosis
  • New treatment
  • Change in your treatment plan
  • Recommendation for a surgery or invasive procedure

PinnacleCare will collect all medical information from your physician and will work with Yale Medicine to find a physician specialist who is best suited to give you an expert opinion on your condition. The second opinion service is completely confidential and is easy to get started.

Please click here and complete the form. A PinnacleCare representative will reach out to you within one business day.