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2022 ‘Top Doctors’ Li st Features Over 200 Yale Medicine Physicians

May 2, 2022

Connecticut Magazine’s 2022 'Top Doctors' list includes more than 200 Yale Medicine physicians who were selected by their peers as the best in their fields.

Rising stars

Kathleen Cardinale—Pediatric Neurology

Jill Deutsch—Digestive Diseases

Michelle Hughes—Gastroenterology

Sara Perkins—Dermatology

Gary Soffer—Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

The past few years have brought increased attention to the vital work that health care providers do every day. Each year, Connecticut Magazine recognizes some of the exceptional physicians who perform this work with its annual “Top Doctors” issue.

This year, Connecticut Magazine's “Top Doctors” list includes more than 200 Yale Medicine physicians in dozens of specialties, selected through an impartial peer review process. In other words, these are the doctors that other physicians recommend. The complete “Top Doctors” list appears in the May 2022 issue of Connecticut Magazine and on the Connecticut Magazine website.

The magazine partnered with Castle Connolly, a leading national health care research firm, to compile the annual list of the state’s top physicians. Castle Connolly's extensive survey identified 1,568 Connecticut physicians in 67 specialties, all nominated by their peers and vetted to meet the criteria to earn the designation of Top Doctors.

This year, Connecticut Magazine also included 33 "Rising Stars"—Connecticut physicians who are too early in their careers to earn a "Top Doctors" designation, but who were selected for recognition by Castle Connolly based on peer nominations and acknowledgement of outstanding accomplishments and dedication to the field of medicine.

Below are the Yale Medicine physicians on the 2022 "Rising Stars" list and “Top Doctors” list. For more information on an individual physician, click his or her name below.

Top doctors

Sonya Abdel-Razeq—Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Nita Ahuja—Surgery

Christina Allen—Sports Medicine

Catherine Alonzo—Urology

Michael Alperovich—Plastic Surgery

Prasanna Ananth—Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Cheryl Anderson—Pediatrics

Richard Antaya—Pediatric Dermatology

Angela Arlen—Pediatric Urology

William Asch—Nephrology

Harry Aslanian—Gastroenterology

Andrea Asnes—Pediatrics

Jeremy Asnes—Pediatric Cardiology

David Assis—Gastroenterology

Masoud Azodi—Gynecologic Oncology

Joachim Baehring—Neurology

Allen Bale—Clinical Genetics

Nigel Bamford—Child Neurology

Michael Baumgaertner—Orthopaedic Surgery

Mark Bianchi—Otolaryngology

Mark Blitzer—Cardiac Electrophysiology

Jean Bolognia—Dermatology

Robert Bona—Hematology

Susan Boulware—Pediatric Endocrinology

Ursula Brewster—Nephrology

Richard Bronen—Neuroradiology

Henry Cabin—Cardiovascular Disease

Michael Cappello—Pediatric Infectious Disease

Thomas Carpenter—Pediatric Endocrinology

Jason Catanzaro—Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

Michael Caty—Pediatric Surgery

Veronica Chiang—Neurological Surgery

Keith Choate—Dermatology

Sean Christensen—Dermatology

Emily Christison-Lagay—Pediatric Surgery

Joyce Chung—Radiation Oncology

Geoffrey Chupp—Pulmonary Disease

Michael Cleman—Interventional Cardiology

James Clune—Plastic Surgery

Michael Cohenuram—Medical Oncology

John Colberg—Urology

Joshua Copel—Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Robert Cowles—Pediatric Surgery

Taralyn Cronin-Weir—Pediatrics

Neera Dahl—Nephrology

Kimberly Davis—Surgery

Brian DeBroff—Ophthalmology

Alexander DelVecchio—Cardiac Electrophysiology

Deborah Desir—Rheumatology

Katherine DeStefano—Neurology

Frank Detterbeck—Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Beverly Drucker—Medical Oncology

Kevin Du—Radiation Oncology

Andrew Duffy—Surgery

Richard Edelson—Dermatology

Peter Ellis—Internal Medicine

Matthew Ellman—Internal Medicine

Karan Emerick—Pediatric Gastroenterology

Neal Fischbach—Medical Oncology

Rosemarie Fisher—Gastroenterology

Richard Formica, Jr.—Nephrology

Francine Foss—Medical Oncology

Israel Franco—Pediatric Urology

Lisa Freed—Cardiovascular Disease

Gary Friedlaender—Orthopaedic Surgery

Alan Friedman—Pediatric Cardiology

Lloyd Friedman—Pulmonary Disease

Jill Gaidos—Gastroenterology

Jaime Gerber—Cardiovascular Disease

Scott Gettinger—Medical Oncology

Michael Girardi—Dermatology

Earl Glusac—Pathology

Sonia Gordon-Dole—Rheumatology

Jonathan Grauer—Orthopaedic Surgery

Jason Greenberg—Pediatric Nephrology

Raul Guzman—Vascular Surgery

David Hafler—Neurology

Andrew Haims—Diagnostic Radiology

Glen Henry—Interventional Cardiology

Roy Herbst—Medical Oncology

Susan Higgins—Radiation Oncology

Monique Hinchcliff—Rheumatology

Adam Hittelman—Pediatric Urology

Elizabeth Holt—Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Christopher Howes—Interventional Cardiology

Silvio Inzucchi—Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Gary Israel—Diagnostic Radiology

Steven Jacoby—Cardiovascular Disease

Dhanpat Jain—Pathology

Priya Jamidar—Gastroenterology

Michele Johnson—Neuroradiology

Kimberly Johung—Radiation Oncology

Benjamin Judson—Otolaryngology

Jennifer Kapo—Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Anamika Katoch—Medical Oncology

Patrick Kenney—Urology

Sajid Khan—Surgery

Brett King—Dermatology

Pinar Kodaman—Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility

Meir Kryger—Sleep Medicine

Sanjay Kulkarni—Surgery

Pamela Kunz—Medical Oncology

John Kveton—Otolaryngology

Jill Lacy—Medical Oncology

Sarah Lambert—Pediatric Urology

Rachel Lampert—Cardiac Electrophysiology

Edward Lane—Otolaryngology

Alexandra Lansky—Cardiovascular Disease

Johanna Lasala—Medical Oncology

William Laskin—Pathology

James Leckman—Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Alfred Lee—Hematology

Grace Lee—Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Merlin Lee—Medical Oncology

Stephanie Leeds—Allergy & Immunology

David Leffell—Dermatology

Jonathan Leventhal—Dermatology

Ji Liu—Ophthalmology

Walter Longo—Colon & Rectal Surgery

David Madoff—Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Urania Magriples—Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Asher Marks—Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Richard Marottoli—Geriatric Medicine

Kelsey Martin—Hematology

Bruce McGibbon—Radiation Oncology

Michael Medvecky—Orthopaedic Surgery

Saral Mehra—Otolaryngology

Carlos Mena-Hurtado—Interventional Cardiology

Laura Ment—Child Neurology

Jon Morrow—Pathology

John Morton—Surgery

Piruz Motamedinia—Urology

David Mulligan—Surgery

Geoffrey Nadzam—Surgery

Francis Neeson—Cardiovascular Disease

Marianne Passarelli—Urology

Maria Pavlis—Cardiovascular Disease

Sean Peden—Orthopaedic Surgery

Athanassios Petrotos—Surgery

Daniel Petrylak—Medical Oncology

Christian Pettker—Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Margaret Pisani—Pulmonary Disease

David Pitt—Neurology

Jeffrey Pollak—Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Anthony Porto—Pediatric Gastroenterology

Jennifer Possick—Pulmonary Disease

Stephen Possick—Cardiovascular Disease

Daniel Price—Cardiovascular Disease

Deborah Proctor—Gastroenterology

Lajos Pusztai—Medical Oncology

Vikram Reddy—Colon & Rectal Surgery

Carrie Redlich—Pulmonary Disease

David Rimm—Pathology

Kenneth Roberts—Radiation Oncology

Carolyn Rochester—Pulmonary Disease

Danya Rosen—Pediatric Gastroenterology

Lee Rubin—Orthopaedic Surgery

Alice Rusk—Neurology

Hamita Sachar—Gastroenterology

Ronald Salem—Surgery

Alessandro Santin—Gynecologic Oncology

Michael Schilsky—Gastroenterology

Joseph Schindler—Neurology

Mark Schoenfeld—Cardiac Electrophysiology

Leslie Scoutt—Diagnostic Radiology

David Seifer—Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility

Arthur Seltzer—Cardiovascular Disease

Niketa Shah—Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Eugene Shapiro—Pediatric Infectious Disease

Sally Shaywitz—Pediatrics

Perry Shear—Neurological Surgery

Sangini Sheth—Obstetrics & Gynecology

Marina Silveira—Gastroenterology

David Silverstone—Ophthalmology

Dinesh Singh—Urology

Nicholas Stroumbakis—Urology

Bauer Sumpio—Vascular Surgery

Kathleen Suozzi—Dermatology

Carrie Swigart—Hand Surgery

Gordon Sze—Neuroradiology

Mario Sznol—Medical Oncology

Lynn Tanoue—Pulmonary Disease

Hugh Taylor—Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility

Francine Testa—Child Neurology

Craig Tifford—Orthopaedic Surgery

Mary Tomayko—Dermatology

Dominick Tuason—Orthopaedic Surgery

Prashanth Vallabhajosyula—Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Christopher van Dyck—Geriatric Psychiatry

Juan Vasquez—Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Tito Vasquez—Plastic Surgery

Marietta Vazquez—Pediatric Infectious Disease

Erik Waldman—Pediatric Otolaryngology

Jillian Warejko—Pediatric Nephrology

Kalman Watsky—Dermatology

Jeffrey Weinreb—Diagnostic Radiology

Pnina Weiss—Pediatric Pulmonology

Peter Whang—Orthopaedic Surgery

Lynn Wilson—Radiation Oncology

Barry Witt—Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility

David Witt—Hematology

Christine Won—Pulmonary Disease

George Yavorek—Colon & Rectal Surgery

Nwanmegha Young—Otolaryngology

Dario Zagar—Neurology