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Specialty Programs

The Department of Urology provides the specialized care patients or their family members need. We offer these programs not available elsewhere:

  • Kidney Disease & Transplant Program. We care for patients with all types and at all stages of renal disease, providing the specialized care patients need to manage kidney conditions.
  • Neurogenic Bladder Program. When loss of bladder control results from an injury to the nervous system, experts who treat neurogenic bladder can help deliver treatments that can restore independence and make symptoms more manageable.
  • Reconstructive Surgery & Trauma Program. Our highly skilled microsurgeons perform the latest and most effective procedures to address injuries and trauma sustained to the upper and lower urinary tracts.
  • Uroradiology Program. Detecting and treating many urologic conditions all starts with high-quality diagnostic imaging. Our radiologists use leading-edge imaging equipment to detect urologic diseases and work together with urologists to make the right diagnoses.

Because our doctors are also scientists and academic researchers, they are at the forefront of medicine, studying the best treatments for difficult-to-treat urinary tract diseases and injuries. They provide scientifically proven care in the compassionate setting our patients deserve.