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Smilow Cancer Screening & Prevention Program

Cancer Screening & Prevention Program

Cancer Screening strategies are used to identify cancers at their earliest stage, before the onset of signs and symptoms, when the disease is most easily treated or cured. Cancer Prevention strategies are used to minimize the risk of cancer occurring. 

The Smilow Screening & Prevention Program brings together doctors and researchers at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center who are focused on merging the best science with the best cancer prevention and screening programs. Our goal is to provide patients in Connecticut with the tools they need to stay healthy.

Our Approach


Our Program offers many different screening tests for cancer of many types. Cancer screening tests are for patients who do not have symptoms. The goal of these tests is to find cancer as early as possible, and before any symptoms appear.

Some, but not all, cancer screening tests detect potential problems and allow the doctor to remove the suspicious tissue at the time of the screening. This is important as it means that patients are less likely to develop cancer later in life. Sometimes the screening test results in a finding that requires more follow-up testing. Cancer screening offers the most protection when it is done on a regular basis as recommended by physicians. 

Patients should consult with their primary care physicians to determine which tests they recommend based on factors including gender, age, family history, and possibly race or ethnicity.


Our program offers information to help patients make choices that can maintain their health and potentially reduce their risk of cancer. It is usually not possible to know why one person develops cancer and another does not. Healthy choices help all people--whether they have a family history of cancer or not--reduce their risk of developing cancer and many other chronic diseases. Avoiding smoking or chewing tobacco, choosing a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, avoiding sitting for long periods, limiting alcohol, protecting skin and eyes from the sun and tanning beds are all key elements of healthy living. Following physician advice on regular cancer screening is also critical to long-term health. 

Our Services

Types of cancer screening

Click on the links below for more information on these specific cancer screening tests at Smilow Cancer Hospital: