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Smilow Phase I Program

Phase I Program

With the development of the Phase I Program at Yale Cancer Center, there are almost 50 Phase I trials open and that number is growing. Phase I trials allow clinicians to look for new causes for drug effectiveness or drug resistance. These early trials bring in additional resources for the work that needs to be done by our researchers.  

Among the most exciting trials underway are five using “checkpoint inhibitor” immunotherapies that activate the immune system and shrink tumors. The targets are melanoma, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and others. These trials have built Yale Cancer Center’s reputation as an innovator in immune-based therapies.

Our Approach

The Phase I Clinical Trial Infusion Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital opened in 2016 at 55 Park Street in New Haven and is a dynamic hub of Phase I trials. Attractive and state-of-the-art, the Center is at the heart of Yale Cancer Center’s Phase I Clinical Trials Program and is dedicated to the care of patients on Phase I clinical trials.  

The Phase I Clinical Trials program affords patients not only hope, but also the ability to participate in research with clinical impact—research that will advance new drugs, which could advance to FDA approval.

View a list of available Phase I Trials.