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Pediatric Trauma Program

Pediatric Trauma Surgery Program

We offer comprehensive, compassionate care for children with traumatic injuries requiring surgery. Our team has ready access to laboratory, radiology, and diagnostic services to help provide the most accurate and immediate care available.

Our team of pediatric surgeons and advanced practice nurses (APRNs) works together to address each child’s needs in treating injuries caused by trauma. We collaborate with primary care providers and other pediatric and medical specialists to optimize each child’s health care and provide parents with a comprehensive network for all of their child’s follow-up care, if necessary.

We understand that traumatic injury can be frightening for the parents and the child. We want to help everyone feel as comfortable and safe as possible while addressing the child’s immediate medical and surgical needs. All of our team members have extensive experience in working with children and take extra measures to ensure that each child receives top-level care and that he or she feels safe and comfortable.