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Pediatric Lead Program

Lead is a naturally occurring but toxic metal. It is often found in the paint and dust of homes built before 1978, and in toys and other products made outside of the United States.

Unborn babies and young children are at particular risk for lead poisoning. Their small, developing bodies are more likely to absorb and retain lead, which can cause long-term health problems such as developmental delays.

Our Services

At the Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital’s Lead Poisoning and Regional Treatment Center, one of two such centers in the state, our team offers services including:

  • Lead screening and follow-up care with children, including outreach and home visits
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment, as needed
  • Social work assistance for vulnerable families who need help finding safe, affordable housing, or other needs
  • Educational materials by request, as well as speakers and teams of professionals to provide presentations to groups interested in childhood lead poisoning
  • Telephone consultations

Our team includes two pediatricians, including one trained and certified in medical toxicology, a social worker, and an environmental specialist. We aim to combine medical care, psychosocial support, and public health under one roof.