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Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program

An estimated 80,000 children suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in the United States, and the disease is on the rise. We offer comprehensive care to children with IBD—which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—focusing specifically on young patients and their unique needs. We are dedicated to improving the physical and psychological health—and promoting optimal growth—for all children and adolescents with IBD. We are also proud that our remission rates in patients are higher than the national average.

At our weekly clinic at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, patients can meet with IBD specialists, surgeons, nurses, social workers, and nutritionists who are ready to care for them with the most advanced available technology and medication.

If surgery is needed, our skilled surgeons use methods, including laparoscopy, that allow for smaller incisions and quicker recovery. We have a transition plan for patients who are 21 and are ready to move into our IBD program for adults.