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We provide preparatory and diagnostic services for all fluid, smear, and aspiration specimens. We also provide pathologist-performed fine-needle aspiration service at the request of physicians, and offer complete cytopathology consult services including preparation, analysis, and ancillary studies for cervical cancer and other diseases. Our Cytoprep Lab processes and reads more than 70,000 specimens per year.

Since the introduction of the Pap smear test for the early detection of cervical cancer in 1941, there has been a 70% reduction in the cervical cancer mortality rate, the most significant reduction of mortality attributable to any modern medical test. The latest developments in cervical cancer detection technology promise to reduce this rate even further.

Our Approach

Our goals are to:

  • Maintain excellence in specimen preparation and diagnostic accuracy
  • Provide the highest quality consultative services to our clinical colleagues, both within our institution and elsewhere
  • Support and incorporate advanced diagnostic techniques to improve diagnostic accuracy
  • Pioneer new molecular techniques to increase the amount of information obtained from the minimal amounts of tissues received in routine specimens