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Cutaneous Oncology Program

We offer sophisticated approaches for the management of skin cancers, ranging from the most common to the most complicated or rare. At the heart of our program is microscopically controlled excision, known asMohs surgery, the most successful treatment to cure recurrent or other high-risk skin cancers. We have been offering the procedure since 1998, and today, our physicians perform 3,500 Mohs surgeries each year.

Mohs surgery has revolutionized the treatment of such skin cancers as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, and the chances of lasting, disfiguring scars are minimized. In this procedure, the cancer is removed layer by layer, and, after each step, the tissue is examined under a microscope, allowing our dermatologists to confirm that all of the cancer cells have been eliminated as the surgery progresses. This maximizes the chances of removing all of the abnormal cells while still preserving as much of the normal skin tissue as possible.